Dog registry

The dog registry is a national dog tag system which is available to members. Each members dog is supplied with 2 tags, one for their normal collar and one to fit to a working collar/plate. The tag has a unique number and the APDHA phone number, so any dogs who may be lost can be traced back to the owners.

If you wish to print out the Dog registry form please click the link below to download and print the form as required or alternatively email dog registry at

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A word from one of our members on how good the dog registry system is.

I've always thought that the Dog Registry was a good idea but didn't think I'd ever use it because I have my own tags with phone number etc on.

Thursday morning the dogs went missing and all came back just on dark, except one. Friday I got a call from the bloke two farms from where I'd been hunting earlier in the week, and the dog had made his way back up there to have another crack by himself. My phone number tag had been broken off and the only tag on his collar was the APDHA tag. So after he phoned the number on the tag, he got my details promptly, then he called me and I went and got my dog back. So right now I think that even if you weren't going to join for any other of a number of good reasons, getting a dog back is worth the membership alone.The property owner was impressed that it all worked, and when I mentioned the story to others during the day they didn't realise that there are pig hunters who are organised and responsible. So thanks to everyone involved in getting the dog registry up and running, and maintaining it. I owe you one.