Member Chatrooms

The Chatroom is available for members and approved individuals. Topics covered are dog health and well-being, general hunting discussion, a vet for advice, off-topic, news from the committee as well as competition information. There is also a free classifieds section viewable by the general public and information if you wish to join the APDHA. 


Dog care, dog health, pig dog breed discussions - bullygreys to bullarabs, catahoulas to kelpies, linebreeding, training pig dogs, stock proofing, breeding for sound temperament.hunting equipment, tracking collars, professional industry based advice, dog cage setups, types of knives used, trophy photos, from Cape York pigs, to Northern Territory tonners, full plates, breastplates, neck collars, other hunting collars.Promotion of hunting dogs, NSW DPI Game Unit news, ethical practices, debunking myths of pig dogs. All this and more is discussed on the forum, with a bunch of like-minded individuals from all walks of life, from lawyers to electricians, blue collar workers and white collar workers, farmers and farm hands. The one thing we all have in common is we all love hunting and are here to do our part to see our children and their grandchildren can hunt for generations to come.