Could social media be the death of pig hunting?

By Ned Makim

How you can protect yourself and your lifestyle...

SOCIAL media has developed into a fantastic means for pig hunters throughout Australia and world wide to communicate and learn.

Hunters can share training tips, hunting tactics and buy and sell like never before.
But could social media such as Facebook and YouTube also be slowly boxing us into a corner from which we might not escape?

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Hunting in NT National Parks


NT National Parks hunting trial

In September 2015 , after years of negotiations between the APDHA and the Northern Territory CLP government, a trial was announced to allow members into permitted areas of selected national parks and reserves.

The trial proved to be a success and has continued on since and also been expanded to include multiple parks/reserves, with permits now available until mid 2017 in some areas.

For more information contact 1300 364 648

- Mark Beattie

Poaching: is it really that big a deal?

By Ned Makim

Poaching doesn't hurt anyone, does it?

There is a common refrain heard whenever a report surfaces of poachers being caught and punished: ‘what's the big deal, they were only hunting a few pigs…they were doing everyone a favour…you should be able to hunt where you want…’

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Unfortunately, in every activity there are those that consider that their wishes can be pursued without regard to the law or respect for others. In the hunting world, the worst of these are the poachers, those that hunt on land without permission from the landholder. Some do no damage other than disregarding the rights of the landholder, others can only be described as outright thieves or vandals. The APDHA makes no distinction between them, all are poachers and as such bring hunting into disrepute, thus threatening its continued existence as a legal pastime.

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Members insurance details

Members are covered by two insurance policies whilst legally hunting with dogs, firearms or bows.

  1. Public Liability Insurance ($20,000,000) against damage attributable to the member, or his dogs, to the persons or property of others.
  2. Personal Accident Insurance against injury to the member.


These insurances also extend to the members spouse/dependent children, who are financial members under the Family Membership system and hunting with the member. 

More information can be found in the General Information section of the website as to other benefits the APDHA offers.

Membership forms are available to download HERE or click HERE to register/renew online.

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