NT public land/National Parks hunting

In September 2015 , after years of negotiations between the APDHA and the Northern Territory government, a trial was announced to allow members into permitted areas of selected national parks and reserves.

The trial proved to be a success and has continued on since and also been expanded to include multiple parks/reserves.
All parks and reserves permitted for members to access have different conditions attached but all permitted areas abide by the following conditions.

  • APDHA Members only may apply to participate.
  • All applicatants will be checked by NT parks and Wildlife and possibly other agencies for prior records of misconduct. Parks may refuse participation at their own discretion.
  • All permitted areas operate with a book in to hunt system. No booking, no access.
  • All participants must be APDHA members. Minimum team of 2 every hunt. APDHA concession holders are able to participate as are APDHA family memberships.
  • Each permit area has its own set of conditions in place and must be followed as stated.
  • The APDHA code of conduct must be adhered to at all times.

For more information contact 1300 364 648


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