Pest Offensive Program

The APDHA offers landowners and government agencies access to an Australia wide service for the removal of pest species. The program offered consists of a combination of dogs as well as the use of licensed shooters and trapping to control feral animals. Initial statistics at this stage are showing that the use of hunting dogs is the most effective form of removal in NSW.

Benefits of working with the APDHA include:

  • A national hunting organisation promoting the ethical and responsible eradication of feral pigs.
  • The association provides $10 million of public liability for full members.
  • Members are encouraged to use tracking systems to minimise the risk of lost dogs.
  • Strict code of ethics and conduct is in place.
  • NSW DPI accredited training association.
  • National dog registry that can trace all members dogs back to one central location.
  • Working with farmers not against them.
  • Permission to hunt contract book will be filled out by landowner and hunter, both of whom keep a copy of documentation.

Property owners are asked to contact the APDHA on 1300 364 648 or via the Contact us page and we will put you in contact with the closest member. Feedback is most welcome. All hunters to have dogs on our dog registry, and will have a "Permission to Hunt" contract book.