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Australian Pig Doggers & Hunters Association Inc

Responsible, law abiding hunters using disciplined well trained dogs is one of a number of useful tools in the ongoing effort to control feral pig populations across Australia. Correctly done, it is extremely effective, particularly in thick country by not only capturing pigs for humane despatch, but also by tending to disperse those not caught into more open country where shooting, for example, enjoys increased effectiveness. Contrary to popular misconception and, in some cases, propaganda, the use of well trained dogs to locate and either bail or hold pigs is far more humane than some other methods of control in use. In addition, well trained pig dogs are species specific, being rigorously trained to ignore animals other than pigs.

Unfortunately, over recent years, the ethics of this form of hunting have often come into question. To address these issues, hunters from around Australia came together to establish a national body representing people who hunt with dogs. The Australian Pig Doggers and Hunters Association (APDHA) was incorporated in mid 2005.with its major focus being to improve the image of hunters using dogs for feral pig control by promoting humane and ethical hunting hunting practices. This is occurring through member compliance with our Code of Conduct, education of both members and the general public as well as implementation of initiatives against those hunters without respect for the law or landholders, the poachers.

The APDHA also lobbies all levels of Government on legislation concerning hunting and dog ownership as well as being a united voice for responsible hunters through its committee. We have built a good relationship with the Department of Primary Industries QLD and the DPI NSW. We have also forwarded submissions to various government departments, animal welfare advisory committees and research bodies promoting the harvesting of feral pigs with dogs.

The APDHA accepts members Australia wide and will be providing public liability insurance, membership cards that can be checked against drivers licences, regular newsletter, promotions and various discounts to it's member's. Membership fees will be on a sliding scale with an annual fee of $80 for full membership and discounts for juniors and those on pensions.

As we grow our aim is to have a committee member in every State and Territory representing hunters in those areas.