Increasing landholder concerns about legal liability issues, workplace health and safety requirements as well as changing attitudes to hunting prompted the formation of the Australian Pig Dogging and Hunters Association Inc, (the APDHA) in 2005. As the name suggests, APDHA represents responsible and ethical hunters of all persuasions, but with an emphasis on those using well-trained hunting dogs for feral pig control. Improving the likelihood of members gaining access to hunting land is a primary objective, but to achieve that member benefits were principally tailored to look at the issue from the landholder or managers' perspective.

We have members in most states and territories of Australia, and they are more than happy to aid in feral pig control at no cost to landholders.


PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE - APDHA members are insured for any damage they (or their dogs) might cause, while involved in legal hunting activities, to the persons or property of others. In other words the landholder is protected from financial loss, up to and including $20,000,000, as a result of damage or injury caused by the hunting activities of the member.

PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE - APDHA members are insured against personal injury ($2,000,000) while hunting providing increased liability protection to landholders.

MEMBERSHIP PROOF - Our members are now issued a virtual membership card, to help avoid loss, keep costs as low as possible and provide a means of proving membership currency in the field. Members are also issue insurance documentation so they can provide specific details of the coverage they carry.

DPI NSW APPROVED HUNTING ORGANISATION - NSW Government agency approved body that qualifies members to seek access to public land hunting in that State.

NT NATIONAL PARK HUNTING ACCESS - The NT Government recognises APDHA members as significant contributors to the territory's public land pest management program. Members have completed a successful hunting trial and been granted ongoing access to certain national parks to hunt pigs with dogs. Booking details are available to members after they join the APDHA.

CENTRAL DOG REGISTRY - Members are encouraged to register their hunting dogs with APDHA. While not replacing government or semi government registration, APDHA registry tags provide a fast, centralised method of identifying dog ownership to interested parties.

CODE OF CONDUCT - members are required to abide by the APDHA Code of Conduct. This covers a broad spectrum of requirements, including care, temperament, training for species specificity of hunting dogs used, the need to obtain permission for access to land, along with other facets of ethical, humane and responsible practices.

PERMISSION TO HUNT BOOKLET - SOLD SEPARATELY to members only.  This document records landholder details, conditions of access being granted (including expiry date, method of hunting, etc) and hunter details in duplicate. The landholder takes the original with the duplicate remaining in the hunter's booklet. As the booklet contains 50 duplicate copies of the form, it rapidly becomes a valuable indication to landholders and authorities of the hunter's community and corporate links.

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